Friday 10th August 2018

Hello Everyone,   We are in the process of transitioning across to HotDoc.

1. SMS Reminders for your appointment have been in operations for several months now - and look to be working OK

2. Patients attending will now be familiar with the CHECK IN kiosk located at front Reception.    For those 'Brave' enough to check it out - the Kiosk is set up to allow Patient ARRIVALS up to 45 mins prior to appointment time BUT - only 5 mins after your allocated Appointment time    After this time you will need to ask Reception

3. Booking your appointments - Our online bookings are now through HotDoc   There are a few ways you can book online.

   -   Via our website

   -   Via the book now button on our face book page.

   -   Via the HotDoc website:…/bluewater-medical-pract…/doctors

   -   Via the HotDoc app which can be downloaded from the apple store or google play.

NEXT - 4. Transitioning the Reminder letters across to SMS reminders.

thank you for your patience
your Feedback on this process is greatly appreciated.

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