Anastasia Freeman

Anastasia Freeman Anastasia Freeman

Anna has had experience clinically and in the community with a particular interest in mental health including eating disorders, restrictive, avoidant and fussy eating. She is also a regional ambassador for FOOST in Queensland a non-for profit company with a focus on creating positive relationships with food from a young age.

 Anna has a background in private and public practice using TCA plans for a wide range of medical conditions. Anna is available via telehealth or home visits if one cannot frequent the clinic in person.

 Anna is proficient in providing the following therapies:

- General healthy eating and dietary adequacy

- Weight management (gaining or losing weight)

- Food allergies & intolerance

- Improving symptoms of functional gut disorders (IBS/IBD)

- Coeliac disease

- Diabetes & impaired glucose tolerance

- Heart disease & stroke

- High blood pressure

- Fertility & pregnancy

- Chronic disease (oncology)

- Mental health & eating disorders

- Age related muscle decline


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